Bob Garfield

3 ways social media should inform your display creative

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Social media has become the new focus group. Here's why you should use this wealth of information to craft the most effective online ads.

Social media lets you know what colors, styles, and trends are hot

Let's say you're a clothing brand that is crafting display creative, and your creative director is insisting that the ad have an image of your brand's red dress. But wait -- your social media audience is pinning, "liking," and favoring your blue one. What do you do? Go with the audience.

Your social crowd is raising its hand and telling you what it likes and what is resonating. If your audience is being clear about what's hot and current, you need to use that information when creating your display ads.

David Shadpour from TripleLift speaks to iMedia about why applying this information is crucial for forming current and relevant creative units.