3 reasons you're not ready for responsive design

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Responsive web design (RWD) has been hailed by many as a silver bullet, capable of transforming your dusty old website into a modern day marvel -- one able to deliver the optimal user experience to your customers whether they're using a smartphone, desktop PC, or internet-enabled television. Mashable's Pete Cashmore declared 2013 to be "the year of responsive web design." Google even went on record recommending that "webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design."

3 reasons you're not ready for responsive design

It all seems so simple: With some CSS3 media queries and targeted break points, you too can have a website optimized for the modern, mobile-oriented web. And with a large percentage of internet users choosing their smartphones as their primary (or only) online browsing devices, there is no better time to consider a responsive approach to your website.

3 reasons you're not ready for responsive design 

But anyone in search of a silver bullet is likely looking for a simple solution to what is actually a very hairy problem.



Jo Oskoui
Jo Oskoui July 22, 2013 at 6:14 PM

Great critical article about the challenges in Responsive Web Design. You're right, RWD is too often (and naively) seen as a silver bullet. Maybe another challenge that could be added is budget. The level of effort and the development time is increased with RWD.