Bob Garfield

The fastest way to offend Millennial women in marketing

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Marketing to women is challenging, and a male-driven team can make huge mistakes. Here's how you might be screwing it up.

Hiring unrealistic celebrities as role models

Women who are looking for brands they can connect with generally want to see people who represent them and their struggles. They want their image to be represented accurately, and need individuals to connect with who are facing the same challenges. When you hire a beautiful, perfect-looking celebrity to represent your product, you're conveying the message that all women should aspire to that ideal. This is a huge mistake.

Today's women, especially Millennials, are attracted to a variety of celebrity bloggers, vloggers, and YouTube personalities. Why? Because these real-life people are dealing with and talking about problems that most women are experiencing. Whether it be hair care, health, career tips, or lifestyle, women want to be represented by others who are in the same boat, not people who pretend to be.

Michelle Breyer, president of TextureMedia Inc, speaks to iMedia about why choosing to have real-life online personalities representing your brand is the best strategy for reaching today's Millennial woman.