Bob Garfield

4 ways Google Glass can avoid Bluetooth's fate

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Google Glass is in danger of becoming this decade's Bluetooth. Here's how it can avoid turning into a joke.

Don't make it expensive

If Google Glass comes out and is wildly expensive, consumers will not flock to the shelves to snap up the new technology. While there will be early adopters no matter what, the goal for any new technology (especially if it's a new category) is to become as mainstream and accepted as possible. Keeping the price low and reasonable is a big step to help this happen.

Make it conveniently portable

People don't like charging things. Remember the battery life of the old iPhone? You always needed to be near a plug. While Google Glass is inherently a portable device, people really require a long battery life these days to define a device as truly portable. If Google is going to ask us to wear this technology, they can't ask us to charge it every three hours.

Katie Ford from Starcom MediaVest Group speaks about these touch points and the future of Google Glass in the tech world.