16 ways to manipulate your marketing metrics

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Marketers and publishers can be downright slimy. Not only do they focus on the wrong metrics for success, but they also fake results by turning to underhanded tactics, trickery, and even outright lying. But what's wrong with that?

Today, manipulating results has become so commonplace that you probably feel it is acceptable. And you wonder why advertisers and publishers are at odds or why your CEO doesn't have faith in your marketing department? But I digress.

16 ways to manipulate your marketing metrics

They didn't teach this stuff in your marketing course, so where do you begin? First, understand there are a number of approaches to manipulating your marketing metrics:

  • Inflate your metrics
  • Skip the work, buy your results
  • Spin failure into success
  • Outright lie about it
  • Just take their money (publisher tactics)

Are you ready to get started? Here are 16 ways to manipulate your metrics. Warning: You may need to click "Next" a few times to see them all -- we will cover that soon.



Katie Klaus
Katie Klaus August 20, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Yesterday I analyzed our leads that were generated from a magazine ad. My findings were shocking, we had 6 leads generated on an ad, 5 of these "leads" also generated 77 other leads in the same magazine issue. The next month, I have 7 leads generated and 6 of these leads also generated 170 other "leads" in the same issue. I am finding the same "people" generating hundreds and hundred of leads over the course of a year... how do I trust the magazine I'm advertising in? I'm shocked that these ad performance numbers are so inflated... who would be dummying these accounts and manipulating the numbers? And why would they do that?