The hottest companies in native advertising

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Sponsored post and articles

Facebook: The sponsored post
In January 2011, Facebook began offering promoted posts in the form of Sponsored Stories, which look like status updates and are displayed directly in the social streams of friends of page followers. Although the Facebook Exchange's ads in the right rail dominate the "last cookie wins" war, they fall short in driving CTR anywhere near the industry average. Sponsored posts are a great alternative on Facebook because they are consumed within the flow of organic user engagement, and the program is built for scale on mobile and desktop. Sponsored posts are seeing significantly higher engagement rates, and half of the program's revenue comes from mobile usage.

BuzzFeed: Sponsored articles, never banners
BuzzFeed has never run a banner advertisement. Instead it allows companies to sponsor stories on the site that match the content and editorial style of its usual posts. BuzzFeed focuses on delivering viral content that reaches more than 60 million monthly unique visitors. It has set up native advertising agency training through which it works with brands to identify relevant, trending, on-message content that has the potential to spread socially. It is known for posting a wide variety of sponsored content, from fluffy animal GIF features to more niche B2B campaigns.



Wade Kingston
Wade Kingston June 4, 2014 at 12:03 AM

List has changed a lot in the last year. Now it's impossible to think of native ads (especially native mobile ads) without seeing Facebook, Airpush, and Twitter. They're the big boys in this game now with a ton of smaller players coming into the market now. Should be a much more crowded pool in another year.