The insider's guide to keeping up with marketing trends

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Some people will never put the time in to stay abreast of the news and trends of this industry. If you're reading this, you might already be one of the ones who do. If you are, please pass this article to your colleagues who always say they want to stay informed but never follow through.

How does the industry stay informed? The most recent research I could find comes from a 2011 study:

How do you learn about emerging digital marketing technology and trends? (select all that apply)

The insider's guide to keeping up with marketing trends 

Overall, it appears that agency professionals over-index for staying abreast of news and trends. That makes sense because they are generally one of the key information resources for their brand clients and have to be prepared to answer a variety of questions on digital marketing.

There's no single right way to stay informed. I can share my own process, but what works best for me might not work well for you. For example, I don't like reading on my smartphone, but other people feel very comfortable on the small screen. I'm also very outgoing and will walk up to strangers at conferences and ask them questions; some of you might never do that.

Later in this article, I detail my method. Hopefully it will provide a roadmap to build out your own process if you don't have one. But first, let's take a look at the common reasons people give for not staying on top of our industry's trends.