The simple rules of cross-device marketing

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Every year we have a white-hot topic in digital marketing. This year it's cross-device marketing.

And apparently it's not just something we're talking about; we're also implementing it in a big way. In a recent survey of hundreds of senior buyers conducted by research company Ad Perceptions, more than 89 percent of respondents expected to pursue cross-device marketing efforts in 2013. The survey, conducted in February of this year and underwritten by ValueClick Media and Greystripe, also revealed that buyers expected to spend an average of 30 percent of digital dollars against cross-device efforts.

The simple rules of cross-device marketing

That's a lot of money, which makes it absolutely critical that we figure out how to spend that money the best way possible. Here's my list of the six essentials to doing cross device marketing right.



Fred Tietze
Fred Tietze August 13, 2013 at 3:26 PM

Jim, excellent article. It is certainly about the technology for effective targeting but as you just barely mentioned.... "we also need to identify and include more engaging and interactive units in our programs". We do need to drive engagement - this standard ad unit does that. Check out engagment rates 10x the norm and also works on mobile: