Top 10 apps for marketers on the move

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Let's face it: As a modern marketer, you're busy -- very busy. And once you leave the confines of your office, it's comforting to know that you can stay on top of your work and not lose touch.

Today, it's all about our mobile lifestyles. For better or for worse, smartphones and tablets are now part of our daily regimen. From checking email to tracking campaign metrics to monitoring social interactions, apps have become a convenient and useful means of doing our jobs. Whether you use true native iOS, Android, or Windows 8 mobile apps; web apps that run from your desktop or mobile browser; or mobile websites optimized for mobile browsers and various device screen sizes, you can always access the information you need on your mobile device when you are on the go.

Top 10 apps for marketers on the move

So to assist you in your mobile lifestyle, I've assembled a list of a few of my favorite go-to apps for managing projects, workflow, and communications. Keep in mind that many alternative apps exist, as well as the native apps for email, calendaring, and reminders built-into your phone's operating system, but I think you will find these more advanced suggestions useful.



Peter Johnston
Peter Johnston August 24, 2013 at 10:47 AM

Depressing number of iOS only apps.

Marketers should understand that brand value is a way of getting people to pay more for an inferior product.
So why do so many marketers have iPhones?

Rather shows up the problem - most marketers don't know what they are doing.