6 rising marketing stars that burnt out

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The great thing about digital marketing is that there's always something new. In fact, you can bet real money that somewhere out there, someone is beta testing "the next big idea" that is certain to be a must-have for your marketing plan. But digital veterans know that the next big thing often turns out to be next year's flop, fail, or forgotten idea.

6 rising marketing stars that burnt out

The smart money looks at these promising objects for what they are -- emerging technologies that may, or may not, emerge into something bigger. Rather than buy into the hype, savvy marketers play with these platforms and run small experiments, just in case that bright and shiny object becomes a bona fide rock star. But the key to these experiments is actually discipline. Marketers who can learn without succumbing to the hype are best positioned to take advantage of the cutting edge without going over it.

The challenge is finding perspective in a world that moves at internet speed. So we thought we'd help by taking a look at some big ideas from the past that didn't end up being all they were glorified to be.