4 brands that made magic with small budgets

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Every marketer's dream is to get a big impact from a small budget. To spend relatively few dollars and drive extraordinary behavior change.

Now, what constitutes a "small budget" varies by category. Launching a car model with a $10 million budget might arguably be even more impressive than launching a consumer-facing startup with $1 million. That's important because our focus here isn't tiny brands that got lucky with a viral message, but rather major players that got more from less.

4 campaigns that drove huge impact with small budgets

If we eliminate examples where luck played a key role in the success of a program, we're left with a fascinating collection of very different initiatives, each with a distinctive character.

It's difficult to identify a formula to follow from these examples, but there are some interesting observations we can make about communications styles and how brands can leverage these approaches to do more with less. We must also recognize that a darned good idea is a darned good idea regardless.

Here then are four such examples, along with simple lessons that we can learn from each.