iMedia's Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers of 2013

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iMedia's Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers of 2013

The marketing skills necessary to master today's digital landscape are constantly evolving. But some things don't change. To be an industry leader, you must project confidence and an innovative edge at all times. So it's no wonder the 21st-century marketer is a natural at personal branding. Selling a great idea means selling yourself. But although many marketers have this inherent edge, not all are blessed with the it factor.

People who possess a certain je ne sais quoi -- or the quality that embodies all that is hot -- are hard to overlook. You can sense their presence when they enter a room. It's like their confidence, intelligence, and achievements are leaking out their pores.

In keeping with summer tradition, iMedia went in search of the marketers who are steaming things up this year. Online, the chosen standouts are fierce marketers. Offline, they are stylishly fierce.

It was no easy task, but nevertheless, the verdict is in. In this article, iMedia's editors reveal 2013's hottest marketers.