The 5 greatest user-generated content campaigns

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The power of word-of-mouth marketing remains.

"Wait, I thought this article was about user-generated content." You are correct. User-generated content stems from the basic principle behind word-of-mouth marketing: Peer recommendations are incredibly influential and provide enhanced credibility.

User-generated content is flourishing with the rise of mobile, emerging technologies, and social platforms. These channels are creating a sharing ecosystem that thrives on user-based input -- whether a photo, video, review, podcast, question-answer database, or blog post.

The 5 greatest user-generated content campaigns

According to eMarketer's predictions, nearly 155 million U.S. internet users consume some form of user-created content -- up from nearly 116 million in 2008. eMarketer estimates the number of user-generated creators will grow by similar proportions, reaching 114.5 million this year, up from 82.5 million in 2008.

As technology continues to enable people to seamlessly share experiences, opinions, and information with the online world, as well as allow people to easily access this peer-generated content, more brand marketers are harnessing the consumer tendency to share. Building a campaign around crowd-sourced content serves as a genuine way for brands to engage with their audience and is a refreshing departure from traditional one-way messaging efforts.

Let's take a look at five brands that set the bar high with user-generated content campaigns.



Jay DeDapper
Jay DeDapper October 2, 2013 at 9:17 AM

This is a great list and what's so remarkable is how long ago (in internet terms) the Burberry campaign was -- long before most people even had smartphones. Think about what brands can do now with every customer carrying around an awesome video/camera that's able to almost instantly upload their visual content to the web. At Buzztala our clients are finding some unbelievable results using our platform that eliminates all the friction for customers and puts the brand in control of the content from creation, through moderation to distribution.I agree with you that "content is currency" but I would add "content control lets you put that currency to work." Great post Katelyn.