The most intrusive ads in social media

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Traditionally, the most successful social media advertisements have been those that truly integrate into the social experience. This experience must translate to every user touch point along with ads that translate across desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces. The best examples of social advertising done right tend to take the form of Facebook's sponsored stories or Twitter's promoted tweets as they are deeply incorporated into the user's news feed or timeline. Embedded ads like these are less disruptive, with many users unaware that they are ads at first glance.

The most intrusive ads in social media

Agency media executive Greg Pomaro, EVP of T3, said it best at this year's OMMA conference: "Instead of jumping up and yelling at's much better to walk up to them and invite them in and give them a sense of who you are as a brand (via) that experience."

In the not too distant future, Facebook will be looking to monetize its billion dollar acquisition of Instagram by opening the door to sponsored advertisements on the photo/video platform. As marketers patiently wait for the opportunity to capitalize on Instagram's success, the move inevitably raises the question as to whether this move could backfire on the social network's success by intruding on user's experience. When interviewed in a June 18, 2013 Ad Age article regarding future advertising on Instagram, Carolyn Everson, VP of global marketing solutions said:

"Instagram's growth is incredibly impressive -- it's a 100 million-plus users now per month, and over 40 million photos are being uploaded now per month... In terms of what marketers are doing, a lot of them are on Instagram now. Their brands are represented, they're taking photos. You have Burberry, Nike, GoPro, Red Bull, a lot of brands that are probably the usual suspects...So you can start to imagine what we might do down the road because of that."