The 6 latest trends in marketing technology

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The last 13 years of my digital marketing career have consisted of a few startups, hundreds of campaigns, countless technology partners, and the ability to serve as an advisor for a handful of tech startups. This experience has provided me with a unique perspective when it comes to building, evaluating, and partnering with various technology-led products and services.

When it comes to cutting through the hype of the latest innovation trend or the next great marketing technology, I look for products that have the potential to create experiences that move people. The key is to align with partners that understand it is not just about features and functions, it's about relevant use cases that can be combined with the right brand to create a compelling user experience and ultimately provide value to the consumer.

The 6 latest trends in marketing technology

I recently attended the iMedia Breakthrough Summit and had the pleasure of hearing Adam Broitman, VP global digital marketing for MasterCard, speak about innovation. Broitman asked the crowd to define innovation, and you could hear a pin drop. We throw the word around on a daily basis and are constantly looking for the next big thing. Broitman defined it as creativity with a job to do -- not just innovation equals technology.

When we apply this to marketing technology, we can begin to build stories into the products from the beginning. Think about why Apple has been so successful since 2007. Its product stories are carefully crafted with emphasis on simplicity and utility.

With this in mind, I have outlined key industry trends and technology partners that I have partnered with this year. My goal is to share some of the best of breed partners and technologies that can further enable campaigns that are designed around the following trends.