7 huge problems marketers desperately need solved

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Across-the-board standardization on multiple screens

One of the biggest issues for today's marketers is that there are literally thousands of different touchscreen devices and technologies on the market, but no across-the-board standardization for ads. Every screen requires a different approach for display campaigns, and it drives fast-moving marketers nuts. Every device, company, startup, and publisher seems to have its own technology. It has created a fragmented marketplace. Marketers would love a universal language for developers that would make things consistent across the board.

Convincing colleagues that content marketing will achieve long-term ROI

Many marketers are stuck in their old ways and don't want to hear new ideas unless they can prove results immediately. One of the biggest challenges for forward-thinking advertisers is to convince these people that content marketing is a valuable endeavor that will achieve a significant return on investment in the long run. It's hard to make the case for ideas like this because there are only so many things you can measure in the short term to show you are seeing lift for your brand. While many creative 21st century marketers are on board with long-term investments like content, convincing traditionalists is still a challenge.



Barry Dennis
Barry Dennis November 20, 2013 at 2:49 PM

Couple thoughts here:
1.The 6P Principle; Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
2. Know-really know-your (target) customer.
3. Attn: Marketing Senior exec: DO NOT OUTSOURCE YOUR OWN THINKING AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL. No matter how "valuable" the resource/agency/creative, it is YOUR concept overview that allows you to prioritize your "investment" needs relative to new media and performance goals.