5 tech tools to help marketers stay ahead

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As a digital marketer, your work is online. And using tech tools enables you to communicate better, track progress more accurately, and work more efficiently on the web. Using technology to your advantage can put you ahead of the pack -- and ahead of the curve.

Here are five tools you need to keep your business competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Updated technology

Keeping your company's technology current seems like a no-brainer. But how often should you really update your technology? Experts suggest that businesses should overhaul their tech equipment every two years. That includes computers, phones, printers, fax machines, software, and more.

Outfitting your office with all-new devices and programs can get expensive. If that's not within your budget, try updating the way your employees use existing technology. Even old computers will work better on a faster, more reliable internet connection like fiber optics. And enabling mobile access to email servers and intranet sites can make it easier to work from home or on the go.

Social media

You spend your time creating web presences for your clients. But that doesn't mean you can forget about your own. To stay ahead of the internet game, your business should actively use social media. Each social media site serves a different purpose, and some might suit your company's needs better than others.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers access to a huge audience. And the site is well-suited for client interaction. Users can post comments and reviews of your business. You can respond to questions, address concerns, and post relevant information.

Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters. That brevity makes it better suited for quick business updates than meaningful interactions. You can work around the character limit by linking to longer articles and including images and videos in your tweets.

LinkedIn targets a specific demographic -- professionals and those in the job market. Use LinkedIn to post industry news, advertise employment opportunities, and showcase what exactly your company does.