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2 annoying things marketers need to stop doing on mobile

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Consumers are pissed off at mobile marketers. Here are the biggest reasons why.

We spoke to a senior analyst at Forrester Research and discovered what consumers really think of mobile marketers. These two reasons were cited as some of the biggest causes for users' headaches.

Banner advertising on mobile apps

This is a classic case of digital repurposing. When mobile apps hit the market, the ad industry seemed to just reach in the bag and pull out what has worked before. In this case, marketers found display ads and simply threw them up on mobile apps to gain clicks and traction. The crazy thing is that even today, the mobile app banner ad still exists.

Consumers hate the mobile banner ad. They find it interruptive and irrelevant. So what ad product is resonating with consumers on mobile? It turns out that Facebook is showing the mobile world what a successful advertising strategy can look like. Facebook's promoted apps inside its own app are doing extremely well, and consumers are engaging with them. If marketers want to stop annoying consumers on mobile, they should brainstorm strategies that feel more natural and native to the platform.

Sarah Rotman Epps, senior analyst at Forrester Research, speaks to iMedia about why consumers are tired of the mobile banner ad and why Facebook is showing what successful strategy can look like.