Emerging platforms every brand needs to know

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There are certain social platforms that every brand is already a part of, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These networks are becoming commonplace for almost any business in any industry. However, there are also a great multitude of emerging platforms that every brand should be aware of.

Emerging platforms every brand should know

From rising P2P networks like KiK and Snapchat, all the way to the futuristic Google Glass system, brands will soon be challenged with foreign territory and a plethora of engaged users. It will be the brands that continually seek out emerging platforms and are early to the game that will see the greatest success in the rapidly changing times ahead. Here are the emerging platforms every brand should know. 



yael kochman
yael kochman November 18, 2013 at 6:27 AM

I would like to add one more to this list: Roojoom is an enaging platform for sharing and reading content on the web. Check it out on roojoom.com