5 beautifully immersive HTML5 websites

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HTML5 is the secret sauce of today's web experiences. Defined by enhanced interactivity, graphical immersion, and engaging experiences, HTML5 websites are a cut above the rest. Innovations in Javascript, CSS, and HTML have allowed developers to create graphical and feature-rich web experiences that blur the line between entertainment and digital marketing. The latest iteration of the language is even being touted as a primary driver behind apps built within automobiles. As a brand, it is your duty to reach customers and provide them with experiences (online and offline) that resonate with their attitudes, interests, and habits. With such a pervasive enhancement to web design and web development, HTML5 is the language of choice for brands hoping to connect deeply with their digitally native and tech-savvy audiences.

From engrossing CGI in films to beautifully designed mobile apps and games, the average viewer and customer is expecting a lot when it comes to media experiences. And the web is no different. In today's market, it is not enough to just provide information, some images, and details. Whereas a web presence was once a differentiator, now that everyone is on the web, immersive design, innovative features, and finely tuned functionality are what sets a brand apart from the rest of the crop. As the web continues to evolve, there are many areas outside the grasp of market analysts and industry oracles. One factor of the web, however, that will never change is the user's thirst for an artistic, engaging, and eye-catching experience. And at this moment, HTML5 is the go-to tool for providing such encounters.

To help you visualize the marketing potential, here are five breathtaking examples of HTML5 that connect on another level with customers, fans, members, and the web at large.