Bob Garfield

5 ways Target uses social to drive brand loyalty

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Good social management can lead to amazing results. Here's how one of the world's largest retail brands is using it to score big points with consumers.

Using social to spread brand love

Target's main focus on social media isn't to "sell, sell, sell." The brand takes the approach that social media should be used to advocate for your brand and make people love it. Spreading brand love and growing brand loyalists are two huge focuses for Target's social strategy. Consumers don't want to be sold to, especially on their favorite social channels. They want to be engaged with.

Gently driving consumers in stores

Spreading brand love is a very important keystone for Target's strategy. But how does the brand walk the line between selling to its customers and just promoting itself to the masses? Instead of the traditional social media sell, Target wants to drive people in stores by offering discounts, new offerings, and holiday products on its social channels. Putting the brand out there without a hard "buy this now" attitude is essential to piquing consumers' curiosity and leading them down the purchase funnel.

Growing Pinterest as a main social network for brand engagement

Pinterest is hot right now for brands, and many haven't tapped its potential. Target knows that this platform presents a huge opportunity to market its products in a fun and native way. Already, brands like L.L.Bean have found huge success on Pinterest because the social network is geared toward sharing engaging images and products consumers love. Unlike L.L.Bean, Target runs the gambit when it comes to the variety of products sold. The brand knows that if it keeps growing its presence on Pinterest in a smart way, it could become a huge marketing force on the network.

Joe Curry, social media manager for Target, speaks about what the brand's social pillars consist of and how his team views the role of Pinterest in its strategy.