27 marketing myths (that we all believe)

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Myth: Apple is amazing at social media marketing

Reality: Apple has no presence on social media

As of 2013, Apple has yet to claim a Twitter account, Facebook page, or any other type of social media presence. Other holdouts include Viagra, Marlboro, and Trader Joe's.

Myth: FedEx paid a ton of money to be featured in the movie "Cast Away"

Reality: FedEx paid nothing at all, and it didn't even want to be a part of it

The plane crash scene was a big point of objection for FedEx.

Myth: My tweet gets attention

Reality: 71 percent of tweets are ignored

Only 23 percent generate a reply.

Myth: Users spend a long time on Google+

Reality: Users spend an average of three minutes per month on Google+

This statistic is for non-mobile visitors.

Myth: Kids are to blame for nagging their parents to buy them things

Reality: Advertisers try to create this effect. It's called the "nag factor"

"Nag factor" marketing is a corporate strategy that attempts to undermine the parent's authority by targeting kids with advertising.

Myth: A majority of LinkedIn users are young professionals

Reality: Only 20 percent of LinkedIn users are under 30 years old

If you don't count 30 as "young."