What Google Fiber means for marketers

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More money in our paychecks, less traffic on our commute, faster speeds for the internet are all reasonable wishes -- especially for online marketers. Imagine the impact these could have on our happiness, mind-set and productivity.

Google Fiber can't make any monetary promises or ease the squeeze on the highways, but it does carry promise for speed so far out of the box it's hard to comprehend.

With speeds as high as 1,000 megabits per second, we're looking at an online experience too fast for buffering, too quick for status bars, and swift enough to deliver data at the pace you want it, not at the clip your internet provider's network can muster.

What a godsend, right?

Although Google Fiber's potential promises to put your marketing in the spotlight, remember that your competitors -- and those in your field with less refined, more spammy content -- will navigate at the same speed. So, what to make of the potential logjam of data?

What is Google Fiber?

First, let's define the speeds. Fiber.Google.com provides a tale of the tape that makes 5 mbps internet feel like dial-up (although it still doesn’t feel slow for most functions). By comparison, the site says Google Fiber will be able to upload 100 photos in 3 seconds flat with its 1000 mbps speed. The same task would take 9 minutes and 20 seconds at 5mbps.

We get it. You'll be able to upload a movie in a flash. But how will this shift in expectation of speed impact the way marketers do business?

Marketers must navigate equal footing

Let's compare Google Fiber to stock-car racing. Differences in car speed, technology, and infrastructure all impact the quality and speed of each vehicle's performance. Factors such as the driver, race conditions, engine quality, and racing strategy play into the ultimate success of the car. Some are good and some, not so good.

But what if the car speed, technology, and infrastructure were all the same?

That would mean that all teams would have the same speed, regardless of the driver's skill -- pit crew's expertise or car's structural quality. Even bad drivers and teams would move as fast as the good ones.

What it means in marketing
With equal access to unheard of internet speeds -- for home and mobile use -- that could mean you've lost ground you've worked hard to establish. This is where attention to metrics, quality in correspondence, and investment in target strategy will allow you to reclaim your territory.