Bob Garfield

The secret word in social marketing

What does AOL's David Shing say will be the critical next step in social media marketing? Here's the new term you need to add to your vocabulary.


What is mocal? Simply put, mocal is what your brand needs to be if it wants to remain relevant in the social space. David Shing, AOL's digital prophet, uses the term to describe slamming your social strategy and mobile strategy together. Most brands keep them separate and operate as if they have little to do with each other. Social is seen as something that happens on mobile but not as a part of that strategy.

There's no doubt among marketers today that a consumer's smartphone is the first screen. Most would agree that social media has incredible reach and impact on consumers. David Shing says that the definition of "mocal" is still in it's early stages, but there's no denying that brands will need to bring together their social, mobile, and even content strategies to drive the biggest advertising impact to the 21st-century consumer.

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