Bob Garfield

The new currency for successful marketing

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The days of the CTR and impressions are numbered. Here is the new currency marketers are using to judge true advertising success.

Engaging consumers on the platform they're on, not redirecting them to a landing page

Digital marketing somehow started out as an effort to drive consumers away from the site that they were enjoying and send them to an advertiser’s landing page. Old habits are hard to break, and marketers are still stuck trying to engage consumers with a click and a redirect. However, over the years the real value of a click has become clear, and it's not good. With the average click through rate at 0.01 percent, marketers know that they need a new way to do business. In 2014 and beyond, marketers will be focused on how to engage consumers on the site that they are enjoying, rather than interrupt their experience. Whether that's through native advertising or interactive ad banners, the creative possibilities open up for innovative advertisers when you take away the redirect as an option.

Time on page

As we settle into 2014, time on page will become a huge barometer for successful marketing. Engagement will be the new currency marketers will boast when they reference how well their strategy is working. If your customers are spending minutes on your website, sponsored post, or content, you are doing a much better job than marketers who look at clicks as a benchmark for success. Time on page will grow to become the new CTR, and we will start to hear marketer's mention minutes first before they ever mention clicks.



Alex Yong
Alex Yong January 8, 2014 at 7:43 AM

Google+ is the most conducive to this type of engagement, I think. One early experiment that comes to mind is the e-commerce-enabled "G+ Hangout on Air" with Leandra Medine and Rag & Bone in 2013.