Bob Garfield

9 things desperately missing from marketer resumes

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The standards for marketer resumes have changed. If yours is still missing these elements, you're in deep trouble.

A "growth hacking metric"

What exactly is a growth hacking metric? In Silicon Valley, it's a term used to describe an accomplishment that was completed with very limited resources. Any marketer can accomplish big things if given a big budget. It's the marketers who take small budgets, assets, and human capital and produce blockbuster results who are the true employees of value.

Mark Friedler, VP of business development and sales at Cubeyou, speaks to iMedia about why you need to show how you've taken small resources and produced big results.

A good business understanding of statistics

In today's world of big data and information overload, it's not enough to say that you're a visionary and big thinker. You need to prove that you understand how to draw insights out of numbers and show how your conclusions helped shaped marketing strategies. Being creative and future thinking is great, but it needs to go along with a good, pragmatic comprehension of statistics.

Matt Bruce from Nielsen speaks about why you need to prove on your resume that you can draw insights from big data, take it seriously, and produce insight-driven marketing strategies.



Joanna Rustin
Joanna Rustin January 10, 2014 at 9:38 AM

Great advice for marketers, David. Like the notion of a "Growth Hacking Metric." I spend a lot of time working with venture-backed startups. Their growth requires pros who are innovative and resourceful and can do more with less.