Bob Garfield

Why "consideration" is the most important part of the purchase funnel

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Is your brand marketing to the right consumer mindset? Here's why the middle of the funnel is the most overlooked but vital stage of the customer journey.

Too much attention is being given toward awareness and purchase

The purchase funnel is one of the best tools marketers have for understanding and evaluating current consumer behavior. Brands and agencies have been using it as a blueprint to design promotional campaigns for decades. However, all parts of the funnel do not get equal attention. Marketers tend to focus more on awareness and purchase than anything else. Obviously, a purchase or conversion is the ultimate goal for any marketing campaign, and you won’t get it unless the consumer is aware of what you are offering and the message you're trying to convey.

The community tends to undervalue the middle of the funnel -- consideration. This is a mistake. Consideration is arguably the most important part of a customer's journey toward a purchase. Advertising to consumers while they are in this mode of thinking is vital because it's in this phase that they decide whether or not they will buy your product. A consumer can be aware of you and not buy your product, just as they can have an opinion about your brand and not purchase your goods. It's only when the consumer reaches "consideration mode" that they are making the actual decision to become a customer. This is where you should be beefing up your marketing energy.

Scott Bender, SVP of global media sales at Bazaarvoice, speaks to iMedia about why "consideration mode" is so overlooked and critical for turning awareness and opinion into preference and purchase.