10 reasons you hired the wrong person

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Despite a widely touted uptick in the economy, it's still tough out there for job candidates in many industries, marketing included. So if you're in the position of hiring people these days, you've likely encountered a sea of job candidates that is both flush and eager. (There are, of course, exceptions in certain emerging job roles and highly technical positions. But in general, there's a lot of great marketing talent out there.)

That said, despite a deep talent pool, hiring mistakes are still common for a lot of reasons. If you've been hiring people for any length of time, you've likely experienced one of those "ohhhhhhh nooooooo" moments upon the realization that a relatively new hire just isn't going to work out. It's a horrible moment (made even more horrible by the fact that many managers are too afraid to admit defeat and remedy the situation).

10 reasons you hired the wrong person

Some marketers learn from hiring mistakes. Others sadly don't. But if you'd like to minimize your "ohhhhhhh nooooooo" moments (not to mention the wasted time and money associated with making the wrong hire), then here are the mental biases that you need to keep in check while screening and interviewing candidates.



Katelyn Watson
Katelyn Watson January 20, 2014 at 1:07 PM

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