5 unconventional approaches to customer service

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We all know how important customer service is to our organizations, and we can certainly share some examples of our own experiences doing a good (or bad) job. While there are things we should always keep in mind (e.g., "the customer is always right"), it is good to explore some more unconventional approaches to customer service.

5 unconventional approaches to customer service

The following are five examples of how several brands have taken a unique approach to customer service -- and how you can apply these ideas to your own customers.



Carl Hartman
Carl Hartman January 21, 2014 at 11:16 AM

I've had my customers doing most of these kind of things for years, so I am not sure how these are new or innovative. I tell all of them, the customer experience should be like Disneyland. Customer Service should always be an amazing experience and want you coming back over and over. Everyone is a cast member. Tell your story through the words of your raving fans. Most of this stuff is just basic good customer service that has been around for many years.