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What marketers need to know about wireless charging technology

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Phones that charge without cords and plugs? Yep, it's coming. As a marketer, here are the key things to know to stay ahead of the game.

Many phones are already equipped with Qi (wireless charging compatibilities)

Many people already have Qi (pronounced 'chee') built into their phones and they don't even know it. Phones are being sold every day that have wireless charging capabilities hardwired in the device in anticipation for a huge market that is about to become mainstream. This mobile electrical power transfer makes phones able to wirelessly charge if they are within 1.6 inches of the charging station using electromagnetic induction. Already, huge electronics and smart phone manufacturers like LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony have begun implementing the Qi standard.

The wireless charging market will hit $11.8 Billion by 2020

Wireless charging is a very popular concept for consumers and the market has acted on the increasing demand. Pike Research estimates that the wireless charging market will hit almost $12 billion in the next 10 years, transforming the way smart phone users interact with their devices. How will this evolution affect the electronics industry’s current production? Will non-Qi enabled devices be phased out by consumers who upgrade to wireless charging compatible models? The marketplace is on the verge of being inundated by a slew of new charging pads, services, and smart phone holders.

Consumers want to charge in home, cars, and public places

The industry is preparing to adapt to the changes that will take place when wireless charging becomes mainstream. How will consumer behavior change? Once this technology has a stronghold on the market, consumers are going to want to charge anywhere, and marketers will have a fresh way to connect with consumers using brand new tactics. Imagine if your brand had wireless charging pads for the public in a city, and when a consumer sets down to charge his or her device, the charging surface activates a video advertisement for them to watch while they wait. This is just one of the ways brands can get in front of consumers utilizing this exciting new technological advancement.

iMedia traveled to CES 2014 to uncover the biggest game changers for marketers. In this exclusive interview, iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with Soren Nielsen of Devant Technologies about the newest advancements in wireless charging technology and why marketers need to keep a close eye on it.

Advertising and wireless charging devices; how will brands adapt?

Soon, many brick and mortar locations will be equipped with some kind of wireless charging station for their customers. For brands, this means huge potential for new marketing tactics. Wireless charging activation can lead to new ways to keep in touch with consumers, even after they have left the charging station by enabling apps and downloads.

Soren Nielsen continues our conversation by explaining how brands and marketers are already thinking about the advertising potential of this technology, and how you should start to get in the game.