3 ways to stop pissing off consumers with your privacy policy

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Get rid of the lengthy 20 page privacy policy

Today's consumers are pretty fed up with companies writing and making you agree to a privacy policy that's longer than most novellas. There's no reason your conditions need to be so lengthy, and to the average consumer it clearly looks like you're either trying to hide something or really don't want to get sued. Having a clear, legally sound policy is important, but it doesn't mean it can't be succinct and concise. If you re-write your policy to be short and easy to read, you will be giving power to the consumer that will make them feel much better about engaging with your brand. Transparency from companies is critical in today's world, and a multi-page obnoxious privacy policy just won't cut it.

Amy King, VP of product marketing at Evidon, speaks to iMedia's David Zaleski about why huge and intimidating privacy policies should be phased out for clearer, more understandable terms and conditions.