9 controversial marketing issues you must address

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Programmatic is transforming the way we buy media

Programmatic is not just an option anymore, it's an inevitable industry shift that will drastically evolve the way marketers buy media over the next two years. Your process will have to become programmatic to survive. You will need to free up your time to execute more creative marketing tactics and strategies in order to beat the competition. This automation will not -- as some have argued -- rub out the one-to -one contact you currently enjoy with publishers. Rather, it will focus your conversations toward stronger and more innovative marketing initiatives.

The death of the RFP and IO

You will soon say goodbye to the request for proposal and insertion order. With the rise of programmatic replacing manual negotiations, you will no longer have to spend countless hours filling out and bouncing around an Excel spreadsheet only to gain a small amount of viewable impressions and clicks at the end of the day. If your agency isn't preparing (or trailblazing) the future where these methods will be outdated, you're already falling behind. How much more of your career do you still plan to waste on manual processes?

Measurement based off viewable impressions

Wouldn't it be great if marketers only needed to pay for the impressions that consumers actually saw? It's a concept that's gaining popularity in the agency world, and publishers may not be able to ignore the cries any more. Companies are working to create technology to measure if ads are actually gaining the attention of consumers. Will webcam eye-tracking technology be the solution? Will marketers only need to pay for over-the-fold impressions? These are questions that will soon be answered and become practice.

In this exclusive interview, John Montgomery, COO of GroupM Interaction, speaks to iMedia about the most transformational marketing issues facing the industry today, and why some of them are so controversial.