How Toyota is trailblazing audio content marketing

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Pandora's ability to aggregate meaningful data about its listeners is incredibly impressive. In addition to collecting signed-up user information, the brand also utilizes algorithms that segment their listeners based off what they listen to, when they listen, what they like, and where they are listening. In addition, the Pandora Music Genome Project has proved to be a vital part of how music is delivered to its users. Pandora analyzes songs based on 450 distinct musical characteristics. Each assessment is done by a trained music analysis. The identity of the song is captured on multiple levels (tone, beats, keys, etc.) and chosen specifically for the preferences of the listener.

With all this insightful information on tap, it's no wonder that Pandora has started groundbreaking partnerships with huge brands. Toyota is one brand that has seen big traction on the platform with "Toyota Sessions," a custom branded station on Pandora that features several emerging artists from all over the country. What makes this station so different? The intimacy and exploration of the artists through content marketing experiences that speak to the listener. Pandora is not just a place where people go to listen to music. Avid and loyal users of the platform use it as a means of discovery. Searching out and finding new, hot artists is a big activity on Pandora. Toyota has aligned its content marketing presence on the platform to feed the listener’s desire to discover and learn about emerging musicians through audio interviews, videos, audio documentaries, and even live concerts.

Heidi Browning, SVP of strategic solutions at Pandora, speaks to iMedia's David Zaleski about their partnership with the Toyota brand and how native listening experiences are achieving amazing success.