The real history of social media

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It may be difficult to recall now, but the social media revolution, like most great ideas, sprang from humble beginnings. Long before it was the creator of vast fortunes and media empires, it began as a simple idea: Technology and the internet could be used to bring people together. Over time, this idea has manifested in myriad ways -- image-sharing platforms, micro-blogging, time-sensitive texts and images, etc. -- and now social networks bring together billions of people across the globe.

The real history of social media

The origin stories of dorm room hacks and corporate side-project experiments have been shrugged off and today these companies are not just tech-industry juggernauts. They are reshaping how people fundamentally interact with one another.



Obi-Wan Plunkett
Obi-Wan Plunkett April 3, 2014 at 10:17 AM

you missed.. a lot..