10 relationship tips to win the pitch

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It's not always easy to discern what makes the best creative. Which qualities are the most important? One thing is for sure: The best presentation usually wins. But what makes a winning presentation? Consider the six-easel approach, for example. It's low tech but high touch and shows off an agency's talent. It's a strategy focused on creative approach, rather than actual materials. Often format and style win over content due to the all-important emotional factor. Your presentation should be like that runaway Hollywood blockbuster film: filled with suspense, highs, lows, and a thrilling climax. You want to elicit an emotional response.

10 relationship tips to win the pitch

Hollywood has a bad habit of making movies filled with special effects but lacking a compelling story. We all know the type of action films with huge explosions, sounds, and fury, but really nothing to say. Five minutes after leaving the theater, the story has been forgotten. Let it be a lesson to never allow technology to overwhelm your pitch.

Every agency review process gets confusing and crowded in the minds of the prospects. Each agency puts on a show, selling itself as the best, the smartest, and the most creative, with all the right solutions. After a short time they all start to run together. Prospects have a hard time remembering one agency from another. Nothing can replace that emotional connection made between real people. Make sure your agency stands out from the crowd by connecting with prospects on an emotional level. Here are 10 rules for making a strong connection in a pitch.