Bob Garfield

How LG is reinventing TV advertising

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Television is one of the biggest channels yet to fully embrace digital. Here's how LG is dragging it into the 21st century.

LG's Live Plus technology is enabling interactive commercials

LG is clearly one of the biggest leaders when it comes to the development of smart TVs. What is a smart TV? It's a television that incorporates interactive technology to allow consumers to become participants in their content experience, not just viewers. Over the past four years, LG has been rolling out smart TVs with motion-activated controllers, which work much like Wii controllers. Consumers are able to direct action in a much more interactive style. There are also a number of video applications, making live TV a second or third screen experience.

Perhaps the most exciting innovation for marketers that has rolled out has been an LG technology called Live Plus. This service is changing the way advertisers and content creators approach television advertising. Live Plus is a service that allows marketers to deliver static TV ads and information about products displayed in TV shows. For example, if a consumer is watching a TV show that features a laptop, Live Plus displays product information on that laptop right on screen. Consumers can click on ads or request more product information by using the interactive motion-activated remote. LG's strategy, from the creation of new smart TVs to the integrations within them, is centered on finding a better way to reach viewers through advertising.

No one knows the inner workings of LG's smart TV future plans like Wendell Wenjen, director of smart TV ads and interactive TV platforms at LG. He speaks to Crowdtap's Ian Tenenbaum about Live Plus and why it is opening up so many possibilities for marketers.