5 unique social media campaigns you missed

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5 unique social media campaigns you missed

Leveraging social media channels to drive buzz about a campaign has been the Holy Grail of marketing over the past year, and it's easy to see why. With social working full tilt, a brand no longer necessarily needs to spend millions of media dollars to create effective advertising. The playing field has indeed been leveled.

Of course, to reap the rewards, a brand first has to take a chance and empower its social channels with the legitimacy of more responsibility and higher expectations. Social is no longer a cheerleader repeating the message, and it's not just a substitute being saved for a crucial spot in the campaign. Your social channels, if properly utilized, deserve a place on field from the start.

Social surprises and captivates. It's fast and fluid. And, when done right, we stand up and cheer -- whether it's our work or not. The key is to use original content to capture a moment, an opportunity, or a promise, and then trust your audience will turn that spark into a flame.

Big advertising and big media will always be a big driver, but social has opened up the door for effective marketing with less. Here are a few examples of inherently social campaigns that rose above the clutter by finding a fresh angle to spread their message.