Bob Garfield

The 5 basic types of consumers

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Think you have a strong grasp on who your audience is? Think again. Here's everything you need to know about the people you're trying to reach.

"The Big Five" factors needs to be measured by marketers

There's a huge amount of information missing from what you know about the audience you're trying to reach. Traditional demographics and psychographics are ignoring the most basic characteristics that define human personalities. These are referred to as "The Big Five." Here's what they are.

The open consumer

This is a huge personality trait you're not currently looking at. Openness is a person's appreciation for things like emotion and unusual ideas and experiences. These people tend to be more creative, original, and hold uncommon beliefs. On the contrary, people who are defined as "closed" tend to prefer routine and don't like change.

The conscientious consumer

Is your audience made up of high achievers and people with discipline? If so, your audience has a high level of conscientiousness. These people are self-starters, and are not prone to spontaneous acts. If you have a conscientiousness audience, these people are usually not susceptible to impulse buys.

No one knows more about the inner workings of the consumer mind than Dan Hill, president of Sensory Logic. He speaks with iMedia about why "The Big Five" factors should be kept in mind when marketers are analyzing the effectiveness of their campaigns on an audience.