5 predictions for the future of social media

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Social media's great paradigm shift

Almost anything in life that is new can be exciting simply because it is new. This can be seen in a new relationship, a new television series, a new musical group, a new job, or even a new line of shoes. People love to jump on bandwagons and get hyped up about the latest cool thing. However, eventually the novelty wears off and the true merit -- or lack thereof -- of something will emerge.

Social media is growing up

When social media arrived on the scene, it was all the rage with technology early adopters and Millennials. Today, even grandparents are using certain platforms regularly. The importance of social media today by no means can be disputed. But, that importance is no longer simply because it is new. Rather, it is because social media offers something truly useful to the world. This move from novelty to purpose will transport social media to a whole new place in society and in marketing campaigns over the next few years.

We have already seen social media change in many ways. The move away from focusing on "going viral" to creating meaningful engagement (even if with a smaller audience), the shift away from a seemingly sole reliance on Facebook as the cornerstone of social media marketing, the realization that "just being there" isn't enough, and the awareness that content is more than just words have all set the stage for what is to come next.

Today's consumers see social media in a new light. While it started with young generations with personal updates, we've seen new and exciting applications like a way to add dimensions of engagement with television or radio to multiple business applications. Consumers are using social media channels to amplify their voices to their own networks.

Social media 2020: What will it look like?

While purely speculative, it is fun to anticipate how marketing tools will evolve in the future. In looking at the evolution of social media to this point and the current landscape of internet marketing, we can get a sense of the trajectory of some big themes emerging. The following are five predictions for how this once futuristic experiment will weave into tomorrow's world of marketing.



Justin Belmont
Justin Belmont May 19, 2014 at 6:33 PM

A really interesting outlook on how social media will grow and evolve, Chris. Social media is becoming much more about building connections and loyalty with customers, and I'm glad that you mention that change. Prose Media places a lot of emphasis on the importance of businesses increasing their visibility on all growing social media platforms, including mobile, and you do a great job of connecting that need to how social media will continue to change.

Nick Stamoulis
Nick Stamoulis May 12, 2014 at 8:29 AM

"The move away from focusing on "going viral" to creating meaningful engagement (even if with a smaller audience)"

Going viral is nothing more than a side-effect of creating content that connects with people. Some things obviously appear to a wider audience, but your content can still go "viral" within your own industry and reach as many people as you could ever hope. The key is focusing on what gets people's attention and resonates with them.