Bob Garfield

3 ways to squash publishers' RTB fears

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Real-time bidding is a vital approach for today's marketers, but publishers have major concerns. Here's how to calm them down.

Emphasize transparency

Publishers don't want to be surprised by the quality and context of the advertisers that are coming through, just as advertisers want transparency from publishers so that they know they are marketing on brand-safe outlets. If you are open and clear about the companies who will stream into open inventory on publisher platforms, you will make huge strides on warming them up to the potential that real-time bidding creates for everyone.

Few know the RTB space better than Brock Bradley, VP of business development at Redux Media. In this exclusive interview at the iMedia Canada Summit, Brock speaks about his company and how it's tackling exciting opportunities and executing successful RTB strategies for clients.



Wade Kingston
Wade Kingston June 3, 2014 at 11:59 PM

Mr. Bradley's comments are spot on. I would add, however, that another myth is that RTB - especially as it pertains to mobile - is something that will be important in the future, not today. That couldn't be more erroneous. Look at What Airpush, Twitter, and other mobile advertising / social media giants are doing with mobile RTB. If it's "the future," then the future must be here.