Bob Garfield

5 metrics that will soon be dead

Click-through rate

It's the metric that just won't seem to die. The click-through rate has proven time and time again to be at best an intermediate success metric and at worst an inaccurate snapshot into how well creative is converting sales. Now, with the advent of mobile, the CTR is drifting even further into irrelevance. "Fat finger" taps are producing an incredibly inflated mobile CTR, and even display ads on tablets/desktops are producing inaccurate results with bots and click fraud. The worst part is that even legitimate clicks are not indicative that a consumer is being led down the purchase funnel. This metric will soon disappear from your life.

Adam Gerber from ABC Televsion Networks and Mike Margolin, SVP & Director of Audience Strategy at RPA, speak to iMedia about why this metric is still around and why it will no longer be looked toward for anything other than superficial snapshot into display activity.



Carlos Cojulun
Carlos Cojulun May 22, 2014 at 11:42 AM

C-T-R should die as a stand-alone metric, but it should remain as a data point along the "Conversion Pipeline". Yes, that metric will need to be indexed for the "fat finger phenomenon" when calculation the Mobile share of the numbers are included, but it can be a useful data point to determine different environmental impacts on your ad such as placement location, engagingness of the ad, or differences of message adoption using A-B testing. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.