The 5 worst mobile marketing mistakes that brands make

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There's good news and bad news for all of you mobile advocates out there. The good news: Among consumers, mobile usage continues to surge, and more marketers are starting to get serious about it. The bad news: While more marketers are executing mobile campaigns, not all are being executed effectively, leaving many mobile marketing initiatives with dismal results. While we all make mistakes here and there, a major mobile faux pas can leave quite an unfavorable impression of your brand with customers.

The 5 worst mobile marketing mistakes that brands make

Of course there's no question as to why marketers industry-wide are eager to jump into mobile -- it has redefined the marketing standard. This is most notable in the retail market, as research reveals 47 percent of retailers believe mobile currently influences customer purchases more than half of the time. There has also been a dramatic shift in the path of purchase, with the customer journey now beginning on a mobile phone long before they walk into a store. It's the marketer's job to ensure a seamless customer journey, and that can only be accomplished when mobile marketing is done right.

Here are common mistakes marketers have made with their mobile campaigns and how you can avoid them.