Common phrases that are sabotaging your career

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The valley girl -- "Like, you know..."

As soon someone says this, I no longer can listen to the rest of the conversation. I'm betting that there are many people out there who feel exactly the same way. I often respond with, "Like no, I don't know..." Pay attention to this phrase, if you're in the habit of saying it, stop. It makes you sound foolish and childlike. In fact, I recommend dropping the word "like" from your office persona and leaving it on Facebook.

The too cool for school -- "That's not my job..."

Have you ever heard this from a colleague?  How does it make you feel? Regardless of how inopportune or unsuitable a request may be, it is likely important to the other person or they would not have asked. If you are not perceived as a contributing member of the team and come off as an indifferent, removed, and self-centered employee, your chances of advancing in your career are slim to none, and those words are partners.

The whiner -- "It's not fair"

Please, I said this to my mom on several occasions growing up -- and guess what, it never worked! "Don got the last two sales leads, and it's not fair." "Well," said a recent client, "perhaps you should have been in the office when those leads came in!" Inequalities happen on the job and in the world every day. My client told me that he has an issue with whiners. He finds that the people who are closing deals and coming up with innovative ideas don't usually complain. Of course, he admits that "injustices do happen," but he would prefer an intelligent fact building case then whining. I asked him what happened to the whiner. "After a time, I got tired of the complaints and the lack of results and had to let her go."