The many ways people are ignoring your ads

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Social media introduced a new way to engage with consumers; brands became publishers and user engagement was measured in Facebook "likes," comments, video views, and tweets. The trend of "brands as publishers" continued into "native advertising," where brands attempt to reach users in the flow of their online activities and provide relevant sponsored content. The jury is still out in terms of the ability to engage with users using "native advertising," as success metrics are still up in the air.
Despite the progress that we've seen in new channels, ad formats, and the way media is bought and evaluated, we are still seeing budgets poured into display advertising because it works. Yes, users still have "banner blindness" and love to hate your ads, but in a world where people are spending more and more time on the internet, display advertising allows advertisers to reach users at scale. While in the early days users would be more likely to click on the first ad they saw, today it will take a bigger effort, a stronger message, engaging creative, and multiple attempts to lure them in -- but they will, as proven by advertisers' continued investment  in this channel.
There are several reasons why ads are ignored, and we can't blame users for it -- the advertiser can, and should, address them all.