The many ways people are ignoring your ads

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Fraudsters are also in the way between your ads and your potential customers. Did you know that 14 percent (!) of ads today are served to bots (who do not eat hamburgers…)? Digital fraud is an easy to operate, profitable business, and botnet operators are hard at work consuming your ads.
These key issues of contextual relevance, viewability, and fraud result in up to 65 percent of your ads potentially being ignored! So, aside from user "banner blindness" or dislike of ads, the advertiser can address the key issues that make the difference between ads that are ignored and ads that are viewed and engaged -- in the end, it all boils down to media quality.

Media quality, powered by technology

Technology has changed the way that we buy and sell media and, along with all the obvious benefits, some of the side effects include lack of control for advertisers and media quality concerns. Luckily, technology tools are available to help advertisers regain control over their campaigns and ensure the right media quality for their brand.

To wit, advertisers can enforce brand safe, contextually relevant placement that are served geographically as intended. Additionally, advertisers can monitor the viewability of their campaigns -- and even target for viewability in programmatic buying. Lastly, real-time fraud prevention signals can help advertisers avoid serving their ads to non-human traffic, and the use of dynamic data can help target non-fraudulent traffic in programmatic media buys.

The MRC has taken the initiative to accredit vendors and to report on their technology capabilities. It is now up to the advertiser to select the vendor with the best technology to make its advertising work.

Avi Goldwerger is the VP of marketing at Integral Ad Science.

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