The 5 worst mobile marketing mistakes that brands make

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Mistake: Not integrating a mobile campaign with other touchpoints to create a powerful omni-channel experience

Marketers who view mobile as a separate entity instead of a piece to the overall marketing campaign are missing an incredible opportunity. With all the options a consumer has to engage with your brand, it is very likely that every customer will choose a unique path to purchase. With that reality upon us, it is important to know how to direct traffic between your campaign touchpoints. From a mobile perspective, this starts with knowing your customers and the devices that they have in their hands. Unique technologies like rich media messaging allow the marketer to get this information in real-time and drive the customer to the next interaction point. This all depends on the device capabilities, thus resulting in an optimal brand and customer experience.

The bottom line

While marketers can't be perfect with every campaign move, there are ways in which they can avoid making these common mistakes.

Here a few tips to consider for your next mobile campaign:

  • Integrate mobile in to the overall marketing campaign.
  • Spread the word to customers.
  • Deliver optimized content.
  • Create a user-friendly opt-in process.
  • Include an effective call-to-action.

Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you on the right track to delivering real results with your next mobile marketing campaign.

Cezar Kolodziej is president, CEO, and co-founder of Iris Mobile.

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