The 6 sides of every customer

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Are we all hexagons under the skin? No, I am not talking about some sort of new geometric philosophy. Nor am I making a mock profound assessment of the human condition. Rather, I want to spark a discussion about the consumer data that matters to developing rich, genuine customer understanding -- powerful insights to drive the best possible program results.

The 6 sides of every customer

A person is a lot more than a gaping maw relentlessly focused on consume, consume, consume and/or making a rational and detailed assessment of the options in your category. Yes, Virginia, people are complex, and their motivations, needs, and actions emanate from a complex set of mindspaces. Analysis of a variety of successful digital and integrated campaigns shows us that comprehensive customer insight comes from six different types of data -- a range of information types that, in aggregate, reveals the six sides of the customer that drive persuasion.

Let's consider each of these data types and what they reveal about your customer.