10 SEO mistakes you don't want to make

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I've spent the last decade consulting and working in both agency and in-house SEO environments. I've had the privilege to work with executives and stakeholders who understand the importance of SEO to their business and have a desire to maximize it. But I've also experienced the disadvantage of working with businesses moving too quickly, and in some cases, too slowly, making avoidable mistakes that jeopardize their organic programs. The good news is twofold: First, you can avoid these top 10 mistakes in the first place, and secondly, there's a way to recover from them.

10 SEO mistakes you don't want to make

Keep this top 10 list of SEO mistakes in mind as you craft and execute your overall SEO strategy.



Tom Pick
Tom Pick June 10, 2014 at 8:09 AM

Excellent points Nathan, particularly "approaching SEO as only a marketing channel" and "not understanding how to integrate SEO initiatives with..." - pretty much all other online marketing activities. Many of the mistakes you note can be avoided by pursuing a web presence optimization (WPO) strategy, in which efforts are coordinated across SEO, PR, social, advertising, and other marketing areas to maximize a brand's total online visibility. So, for example, a news article in an online industry trade pub would be considered worthless for SEO if it only included the brand name with no link, or with a no-follow link. But that is still online brand visibility, so it still has value in WPO.