4 ways to score in Latin American markets

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Any brand -- consumer or business-to-business -- that's intrigued with the possibilities of experiential marketing should pay close attention to what's happening in Brazil this summer and down the road in the summer of 2016. Both will offer possibly the best exhibition of experiential marketing ever seen, plus countless experiments that will offer valuable lessons for marketers.

4 ways to kickoff into Latin American markets

We're talking soccer's World Cup this summer and the Summer Olympics two years from now. Soccer (or football, fútbal, sokker, and many more names around the world) is a pillar of Brazilian culture and the lifeblood of its sports. The first World Cup in Brazil in 64 years, the country sees the event -- 64 games in 32 days -- as a chance to impress the world on its own terms on the pitch and in the media, etc.

The Olympics in 2016 are Brazil's chance to impress the world on the world's terms. Similar to a wedding, there are certain conventions the host country must observe, and worldwide respect hinges on how well the host executes on those, while adding something unique. Putting aside ongoing concerns that Brazil might be overtaxed in mounting two world sports festivals, it's clear that the country will be an experiential marketing hotbed for the next two years. Here are the reasons that will illuminate both Brazil and Latin America from a marketing perspective and best practices for marketers to consider.



Jim Nichols
Jim Nichols June 12, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Hi Marina,

Loved this. Loved this. Loved this. What a great way of laying out the opportunity and some next steps.