Bob Garfield

Why brands are disappointed in mobile (and how to fix it)

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Brand marketers are becoming more disinterested in mobile, but you have the power to help them. Here's how to stave off their ambivalence.

The problem: Brands are let down by mobile advertising opportunities

In a classic case of good news/bad news, advertisers now know where consumers are all the time: their mobile devices. The bad news? Advertising products on mobile have been seriously lacking the excitement and effectiveness that brand marketers need. Brands want a wide buffet of advertising opportunities and ad products to choose from. So far, technology has not kept up with the pizzazz brand marketers have been expecting, and they're growing impatient. There are only so many 300x50 mobile ad units and branded apps they are willing to invest in.

We'll talk about solutions next, but first, Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone, gives us a taste of why brands are feeling this way and why you need to address this problem.